Friday, 28 June 2019

Things We Love: Propane Fire Pit

Here is the product description straight from the Camping World website:

It starts with ease and leaves no mess behind, but still lets you roast marshmallows, hot dogs, or just gather around its warm glow with friends and family – just like a classic campfire. 도박 합법 국가 The lightweight design is easily portable, and the included locking lid with a built-in handle offers extra-easy carrying. To start the Portable Outdoor Propane Firebowl, simply push and turn the integrated ignition knob and let the included lava rocks ignite into an attractive campfire. Unlike classic campfires, the knob lets you adjust the fuel supply of your fire for up to 58,000 BTU of easily adjustable heat. Includes a long 10’ hose with regulator, which connects to a standard LP (propane) grill tank (not included) for fuel. Also includes LP gas tank support for stability and safety. Durable stainless steel construction with a great-looking antique copper finish.

Anyone who is into RVing, 라스베가스 카지노 especially full-time, knows that space and weight are two things you spend your life obsessed with and for good reason. Even with a 44-foot long rig like we have, storage space is at a premium and you always have to be watching your rig weight. Not only for safety reasons but just to be as efficient as possible. This fire bowl weighs just under 30 pounds and comes in at a compact 18.5″ high by 18.5″ diameter! It has a lid that clips on to keep rain out of the bowl and the lid also has a handle that makes it super easy to pick it up and walk around with it.

Now I know you are wondering, what about the fire part??? I feel ya, I wanted something pretty warm and authentic –  because campfires Y’all! This thing delivered. 라스베가스 카지노 슬롯 머신 Not only is it attractive, lightweight, portable, convenient and easy to maintain, it also will heat you up! It has a propane hose that runs to a 5-gallon tank (not included with fire bowl purchase) but it does include matching copper finished stand for the tank. We fired it up and voila’….FIRE! I have roasted many a marshmallow on this thing and it is the bombdigity. You can turn the knob and adjust the height of the flame and we put a long hose on it so that we can have the propane tank off the side of the toy hauler patio so it is not taking up space.